311 is about ready to release their tenth studio album titled Universal Pulse.  The band visited Cincinnati’s Riverbend Music center on Saturday night.  Universal Pulse will be released on Tuesday July 19th, and it seemed as if Saturday in Cincinnati was a celebration of the CD.  The band was a little more amped up than previous visits to Riverbend.  The band’s energy drove the crowds enthusiasm, even though it was a hot and sticky night.  The Noble Visions offers a look into the July 16th, 2011 311 performance at Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati, Ohio

311 – 7/16/11 – Riverbend Music Center – Cincinnati, Ohio (Sublime w/ Rome opened)

Set I:  Beautiful Disaster, Homebrew, What Was I Thinking, Sunset In July, Offbeat Bare Ass, Hive, All Mixed Up, Plain (extendo), Time Bomb, Applied Science, Use of Time, Come Original, Rub a Dub, Down, Wild Nights, BASS SOLO, Flowing, Full Ride, Amber, Do You Right, Creatures

Encore: Rock On*, Jackpot*, Feels So Good

*On stage setlist but not played