The Cowboy Junkies have been doing their thing for well over 25 years now.  Most bands that reach this age tend to rest on their early material.  That’s simply not the case for this Canadian group.  Last year the band released 4 albums they recorded over a year and a half time.  The Nomad series is a great collection of new material that shows the evolution of the band.  The album Demons, featured in the 4 CD set, is an entire album dedicated the works of legendary Athens, GA singer songwriter Vic Chestnutt.  The band performed a wide selection of songs from this new material for their first set.  Prior to setbreak, Margo Timmins promised fans that they would hear all of the band’s early favorites during the second set.  The band would fill that promise and delivered a memorable second set.  The evening of music was one to be relished, as the Cowboy Junkies still have what it takes to impress even the harshest of critics.  Catch the band on their current tour throughout the country.  The Noble Visions offer our readers with a look into the 4/24/12 Cowboy Junkies show at 20th Century Theater.

©Joshua Timmermans/The Noble Visions

The Cowboy Junkies – 4/24/12 – 2oth Century Theater – Cincinnati, Ohio

Set I:  Meadow, Wrong Piano*, West of Rome*, 3rd Crusade, Late Night Radio, Stranger Here, Confession, Fairytale, Unanswered Letter

Set II:  Sweet Jane, Sun Comes Up, Carmelita, Lay it Down, Something More, Ring on the Sill, Disaster, Friday, M. Angel

*Vic Chestnutt cover