Strings & Sol wrapped up yesterday with a remarkable afternoon and evening of phenomenal music.  Cloud9 Adventures is a remarkable organization that thinks of everything when it comes to music and the fan experience.  Between Positive Legacy giving back to the community, to the vast excursions, the ability and ease of interaction with the musicians, to the music itself, Cloud9 has thought of it all.  Not only do these events leave fans and musicians with incredible memories, it makes them always want more.  If you are a fan a music, attending a Cloud9 Adventures event is a must! The Noble Visions offers our readers with a look into the last day of Strings & Sol from the sandy beaches of Tulum, Mexico.

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Strings & Sol – 12/15/12 – Tulum, Mexico


Strings & Sol – Festival Grounds & Fans – 12/15/12 – Tulum, Mexico



Strings & Sol Artist Autograph Signings – 12/15/12 – Tulum, Mexico




Strings & Sol – Pickin’ Workshop – 12/15/12 – Tulum, Mexico



Positive Legacy – Silent Auction – 12/15/12 – Tulum, Mexico



Senor Juan’s Mexican Hootenanny – Strings & Sol – 12/15/12 – Tulum. Mexico





Railroad Earth: 12/15/12 – Strings & Sol – Tulum, Mexico

Set 1: Mission Man (1), Saddle of the Sun, Happy Song, Walk Beside Me, Old Man and the Land, Elko (2), Bird in a House (2), The Jupiter and the 119, Gold Rush (2), Spring-Heeled Jack, The Hunting Song – > The Green Roofs of Eireann – > Like a Buddha, Everything Comes Together

Comment: (1) with Drew Emmitt on mandolin
(2) with Joel Cummins on keyboards










The Infamous String Dusters – 12/15/12 – Strings & Sol – Tulum, Mexico

Set I: Coming Soon

Set II: Coming Soon























Yonder Mountain String Band – 12/15/12 – Strings & Sol – Tulum, Mexico
Set 1: Redbird, Honestly, Lay It On The Line, Don’t Worry Happy Birthday, Things You’re Selling> On The Run, Vamp In The Middle(1), Peace Of Mind

Set 2: Southern Flavor, Another Day, New Deal Train(2), Rag Doll(2), Girlfriend Is Better(3), Finally Saw The Light, Shake Me Up, Little Lover, Traffic Jam(4) E: 2 Hits & The Joint Turned Brown(5)

Comment: Jason Carter on fiddle entire show
(1) Tim Carbone & Jeremy Garrett on fiddle
(2) Joel Cummins on keyboard
(3) Joel Cummins & Andy Hall on dobro
(4) Andy Hall
(5) Joel Cummins, Andy Hall, Tim Carbone, John Skehan on mandolin, Andy Goessling on sax, Chris Pandolfi on banjo, Andy Falco on guitar, Vince Herman on vocals