Louisville’s Palace Theatre was home to Widespread Panic the past two nights.  On Wednesday the band reunited with their long-time friends from Bloodkin.  The afternoon kicked off with JB and Todd from Widespread and Danny and Eric from Bloodkin playing an afternoon in-studio performance.  91.9 WFPK Public Radio station is located a few doors down from The Palace.  Those that pledged to support the radio station were invited to the special 4 song performance and interview.  The four sat down at 4pm and played to a group of lucky fans.  Photos and links to audio are available below.

Widespread Panic fans would then fill The Palace Theater around 7pm.  The line outside the front of each venue has been long every night of this tour. Fans were desperately trying to get their hands on one of the coveted Chuck Sperry spring tour posters.  Each night the individual show’s allotment have sold out quickly.  The show on Wednesday would be no different, with everyone rushing in to grab one of the prints.

Everyone found their way to their seats and the band took the stage for their second show at the Palace around 7:59pm.  The show started off with a resounding version of Pigeons.  As we stated in our coverage of Tuesday night’s show, it is nice to hear the band members have come back from their break adding new dimensions and approaches to some of their staple songs.  That fresh perspective on the tried and true songs is a welcome bonus for fans this spring tour.  A blustery Tail Dragger would rear its head next, followed by an unbeatable segue of Shut up and Drive > Stop – Go > Cream Puff War.  If that wasn’t enough for a start, the rest of the set would be just as thrilling.  1 x1 was next with Trouble being played thereafter.  The rest of the set featured Cotton Was King, and then a rousing version of Surprise Valley into Junior.

The second set started off with as much energy as the first ended with.  The band began with Little Kin followed by Proving Ground.  Next the Panic welcomed up Danny Hutchens & Eric Carter from Bloodkin.  The fans were treated to Wet Trombone Blues followed by Success Yourself.  Wet Trombone Blues was the first song that Bloodkin ever wrote, and it was special to see them play it on stage with their friends at The Palace.  The last time that Widespread Panic performed Wet Trombone Blues was on 1/24/94.  That’s a span of 1639 shows since fans have been able to see the band perform the song.  Not only that, the last instance of the band performing Success Yourself was back on 4/2/00.  A 932 show absence. Needless to say, fans were extremely thrilled to witness these musicians back on stage together performing these songs.

Once Bloodkin left the stage, the show took off with C. Brown.  The concert then went into overdrive with a monstrous Tie Your Shoes > Driving Song > Diner > Driving Song > Breathing Slow > Chainsaw City.

The encores this spring tour have been nothing short of amazing. The last night of Louisville was another example, with three songs being performed.  May Your Glass Be Filled was first followed by the Talking Heads Heaven.  Then in a big surprise, the band decided to end the two night run with the fan favorite Tall Boy.  Wow is what I heard from fans all around me at this point in the night.  Fans were delighted and the band once again burned down the house!

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Widespread Panic – 4/17/13 – The Palace Theatre – Louisville, KY

Set I: Pigeons, Tail Dragger, Shut Up And Drive > Stop-Go > Cream Puff War, 1 x 1, Trouble, Cotton Was King, Surprise Valley > Junior

Set II: Little Kin > Proving Ground, Wet Trombone Blues*, Success Yourself*, C. Brown, Tie Your Shoes > Driving Song > Diner > Driving Song > Breathing Slow > Chainsaw City

E: May Your Glass Be Filled, Heaven, Tall Boy
* with Daniel Hutchens on guitar/vocals, Eric Carter on guitar

Download the official soundboard recordings from Widespread Panic here:  Widespread Panic – 4/17/13 – Official Downloads

Stream the show here on Panicstream: Widespread Panic – 4/17/13 – Louisville Audience Stream


JB & Todd of Widespread Panic/Danny & Eric of Bloodkin – 4/17/13 – 91.9 WFPK – Louisville, KY

Set I: Wet Trombone Blues, Quarter Tank of Gasoline, Success Yourself, End of The Show

WFPK 91.9 Official Recording and photos of the in-studio performance:  JB & Todd/Danny & Eric – 4/17/13 – WFPK Louisville, KY

























JB & Todd of Widespread Panic/Danny & Eric of Bloodkin – 4/17/13 – 91.9 WFPK – Louisville, KY

Set I: Wet Trombone Blues, Quarter Tank of Gasoline, Success Yourself, End of The Show