Widespread Panic is back on the road after a year-long hiatus.  The band is on their first spring tour in many years.  The band made their way into the Bluegrass state on Tuesday night.  They visited Louisville’s Palace Theater, which the band has a storied history with.  Known for its ornate architecture, The Palace Theatre is a venue that every Widespread Panic fan should see the band perform.

Widespread Panic took the stage at 8pm and as they did, it was apparent that the show would be one to remember.  Any fan of Widespread Panic knows, when frontman John Bell takes the stage with his baseball cap on backwards, you’re in for a memorable night of music.  The band started the night off with Papa Legba.  It is quite clear that after having a year off from playing together, each band member is bringing some new changes and ideas to the table. Each song this night featured small twists and takes on previous live versions.  After Papa Legba, the band would then take on All Time Low followed by the JJ Cale cover, Travelin Light.  Next a nasty version of Barstools and Dreamers would surface.  Once Barstools wrapped up the band would then played Party at Your Mama’s House into Ribs & Whiskey.  The second half of the first set featured, Flicker into I’m Not Alone.  The band finished off the first set with Weight of The World followed by a dirty version of Bill Wither’s Use Me.

The second set kicked off at 9:49 and started with Better Off.  One Arm Steve would follow Better Off.  This is where the second set would take off in a fury.  Aunt Avis > Greta > Guilded Splinters > Big Wolly Mammoth > Christmas Katie > Let It Rock > Fishwater.  Each of these songs were played with intensity from each band member.  But what was so noticeable was the band’s interaction with one another, and how they added new elements and jams to each song.

The night ended with Ain’t No Use into Can’t Find My Way Home.

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Widespread Panic – 4/16/13 – The Palace Theater – Louisville, KY

Set 1- (7:59 EST)Papa Legba, All Time Low>Travelin Light, Barstools, PAYMH> Ribs and Whiskey, Flicker>jam> Im Not Alone,Weight of the World, Use Me (9:16 EST)

Set 2-( 9:49 EST) Better Off, One Arm Steve,Aunt Avis>Greta>Guilded>Big Wooly Mammoth> Christmas Katie> Let it Rock>Mini Drums>Fishwater*(11:02)

Encore: (11:05 EST) **Aint No Use> Cant Find My Way Home (11:20 EST)

* Tequila tease by Dave
** Thanks for sharing monday with us- JB……. It was Tuesday
JB wearing a backwards hat

Stream the show here on Panicstream: Widespread Panic – 4/16/13 – Louisville Audience Stream

Download the official soundboard recordings from Widespread Panic here:  Widespread Panic – 4/16/13 – Official Downloads