Mission: The Noble Visions is committed to bringing awareness to a multitude of ideas, thoughts, projects, events, sounds, images and design that happen not only in Cincinnati, but also throughout the rest of the world. We like to look at the world from the perspective less traveled. The Noble Visions is that perspective. Joshua Timmermans is the Editor, Chief Photographer, and Webmaster of The Noble Visions.  Joshua and his staff produce every photograph contained within the pages of The Noble Visions.

The Noble Visions works with all facets of the entertainment industry, constantly collaborating and working with bands, publicists, promoters, venues, management agencies, record labels, festivals, and most of the entertainment industry.  The Noble Visions works closely with the representatives in this industry to produce some of the highest quality photographs of the artists and events they represent.

There are five main categories on which this publication focuses. However, we do not limit ourselves to looking at just these main topics of conversation. The five categories that we focus on with regularity are Live Music, Graphic Design/Art, Photography, Music & Entertainment Scene, Life in Cincinnati and finally General Discussions.

Live Music – The Noble Visions covers a wide range of artists and them performing their craft in a live setting.  We capture the “moment in time” that fans leave concerts remembering.  We present those profound moments here.  We also work closely with bands, management agencies, promoters, venues, publicists, and record labels to produce absolutely inspirational photography that keeps fans wanting more.

Graphic Design – The Noble Visions dives into the world of graphic design and the many aspects that come along with this industry. The Noble Visions provides insight and thoughts on many topics. This is an ever evolving industry that permeates the daily lives of everyone in the world. The publication brings awareness to the progression and evolution of this trade . The Noble Visions also reports on many of the ongoing projects that Noble Visions Design and Photography LLC is working on.

Photography – Joshua Timmermans is a professional photographer that focuses on the entertainment industry.  Joshua and his staff produce some of the most inspirational music photographs in the industry.  The Noble Visions is a publication dedicated to showcasing Joshua and his staff’s work.  Many of the articles that are featured on The Noble Visions are a direct result of work that Joshua and his team are completing with someone in the industry.  The photography aspect of The Noble Visions is at the forefront of the publication.  Joshua Timmermans and his staff are available for hire to cover a wide range of events.  For more information please visit the Editor page of the publication to contact Joshua and/or his staff.

Music & Entertainment – The music and entertainment industry is one that touches many of us everyday. The Noble Visions staff has an extreme passion for music and entertainment. Noble Visions Design and Photography has had the honor to work with many national and regional music acts, publicists, promoters, management houses, venue owners, record labels and most of all the fans. This knowledge and insight within this industry is what The Noble Visions publication brings to their readers. Whether it’s a band coming through Cincinnati, or it is an international artist getting ready to embark on a worldwide tour, The Noble Visions informs our readers about it. The Noble Visions loves music and entertainment……..and it shows.

Life in Cincinnati – A look into what makes Cincinnati what it is. Topics range from the history of the Queen city to who/what is shaking up this city today. We look at the Greater Cincinnati area as well, which includes the rich history of the cities in Northern Kentucky. We cover a range of topics, both old and new.

General Discussion – This category is about as self-explanatory as it gets. There will be many days in which we have numerous articles to read that simply don’t fit in one of our specific categories. Many of these topics will be filed in this general discussion area.

We hope that many of you come back and visit us from time to time, and please give us feedback. The only way to grow is to learn what works and what doesn’t. We WANT to hear from you and enthusiastically encourage it!

At The Noble Visions Magazine we can’t help but think of the famous quote from Greg Anderson, American best-selling author and founder of the American Wellness Project. He once stated, “Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” We are in for a long journey with The Noble Visions and we are extremely dedicated and excited to make it the best journey we possibly can.  Enjoy reading The Noble Visions!

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